At this point in your project, you have assessed the main factors that drive violent extremism in your context (refer to the Assess Module for resources and guidance) and determined your project design (refer to the Design Module for resources and guidance). Now you are ready to plan the implementation of your project. To help with this process, consider the following objectives and guiding questions:

  • Understand the key considerations for implementing a P/CVE project.
  • Learn about practical tools for applying these key implementation considerations. 
Guiding Questions

These guiding questions will help you consider how to implement your P/CVE project.  

  • How do you effectively engage key stakeholder groups in the implementation of your project? 
  • How do you integrate youth more directly in the implementation of your project?  
  • How do you ensure that your project integrates gender considerations and is inclusive of marginalized groups?  
  • How do you ensure that your project not only “does no harm” but also positively responds to and mitigates conflict dynamics?  
  • How do you identify, understand, and plan for risks during project implementation?  
  • How do you plan to sustain project results during implementation, as well as mobilize support and resources to maintain results past the project end date?