This module offers guidance on how to design your P/CVE project. 


Project design will help your organization...

  • Connect your VE assessments to the design of P/CVE projects and activities
  • Design your project to support the diverse groups impacted by VE or those vulnerable to VEO recruitment
  • Plan for risk given the sensitivities of P/CVE programming
  • Implement conflict- and gender-sensitive approaches to ensure you do no harm to your community and your project
  • Develop strategies to engage different people in the design of your project and activities

This module will help you to...

  • Establish the link between VE assessments and P/CVE programming
  • Understand how to develop a P/CVE Theory of Change and project objectives, which will inform monitoring and evaluation strategies
  • Prevent doing potential harm in the design of your activities
  • Explore different methods for including diverse views in your project design
Guiding Questions for your P/CVE Project Design

Once you have completed your VE assessment, consider these basic questions to start your P/CVE project design:

  • What is your project’s Theory of Change: i.e., why/how do you think certain actions will produce desired change in your environment? Find more information on the next page on how to construct a Theory of Change.
  • What is your organization’s capacity to carry out this change?
  • How will your project integrate gender and social inclusion considerations? We cannot assume that what works for men (boys) also works for women (girls). Project goals and methods for achieving those goals should be based on an accurate assessment of what men and women can do.
  • How will you ensure that your project will Do No Harm?