In previous modules, you have looked at approaches, methods, and tools to assess, design, implement, and monitor and evaluate your project. In this module, we consider how to incorporate learning and adaptation throughout the project cycle and the relevance of learning and adaptation for a P/CVE project. Specifically, this module aims to:


Highlight the importance and relevance of learning and adaptation in development programming generally and for P/CVE projects specifically


Introduce key frameworks, models, and practical tools for integrating learning and adaptation in projects

Guiding Questions

To help you incorporate learning and adaptation in your P/CVE project, consider the following guiding questions:

  • Why are learning and adaptation important for our P/CVE work?
  • What is important to learn about so that we can make the needed adjustments to our projects as we implement them?
  • How will we integrate learning activities into our workplan?
  • Who will be responsible for generating, sharing, and applying the learning from the project?
  • Which practical tools can we use to apply learning and adaptation to our work?
  • Where can we find additional resources, models, and tools for learning and adaptation?